A fresh face

Our new site has just come together after months of work. The blog is up. It’s an exciting time for us. So much work that lingered in random places over the past three years…and now it’s all here.

We want your comments, your questions and reactions. We’ll have something thoughtful, relevant and interesting to say here when we post. In the beginning, posts will not happen too often – maybe twice a month.

Ok, time to pop some corks, make some wishes and maybe play that orange ukelele we just bought.

A fresh face is something to celebrate.


  1. Bonne chance! The site looks so amazing, so smart!

    *and separately, a note on a favorite blog of mine*
    Ah, Marco’s lyrical prose meanders into my heart, knocks softly, and comes inside to stay. Monday’s coffee is always better with his words falling into my morning.

  2. Very clever site, Marco. Love the navigation and the writing–how long did it all take you? Some really thought-provoking quotes, too. But the real treat was your work samples–I’d never seen that much of your work showcased.

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