What is the OGC?

Bittersweet Group worked with the Open Geospatial Consortium’s marketing team to create a short film that introduces viewers to what the OGC is, and what it is trying to do through its consensus standards development process.

Director/DP/Editor: Marco North

Producer: Fyodor Mozgovoy

Sound: Elena Petrosyan

Hair/Makeup: Natasha Usherzon




Columbia County Film Festival promo launch

Bittersweet Group collaborated with Martin Ruby (martinruby.com) to create a promo that plays before every film in the latest Columbia County Film Festival. This modest, under-the-radar showcase has grown to become one of the most popularentertainment venues in Columbia County, selling over 6,000 tickets throughout the Capital Region, the Berkshires, and New York City.





New vis fx reel is up!


Here are two great samples of our cleanup capabilities – roto, paint and CG.

For example, we replaced reflective elements for a VISA card, in extreme close-up using a 2K workflow and on a very tight schedule. We just make it look easy…

A fresh face

Our new site has just come together after months of work. The blog is up. It’s an exciting time for us. So much work that lingered in random places over the past three years…and now it’s all here.

We want your comments, your questions and reactions. We’ll have something thoughtful, relevant and interesting to say here when we post. In the beginning, posts will not happen too often – maybe twice a month.

Ok, time to pop some corks, make some wishes and maybe play that orange ukelele we just bought.

A fresh face is something to celebrate.